Abyss of Perdition - Conquest Through Sacrilege 7"EP

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Heavy sickness cloaked in morbid Death Metal Darkness!!!!
ABYSS OF PERDITION is the fierce bastard union of members from(!): Morbosidad, Trench Warfare and Mortuary!

This EP follows the traditions of a classic 7" Release, which I truely highlight during this boring and trend-soaked days, because THIS release is the real shit! Killer Artwork, classic EP with a new total death breathing chaosmonger in the vein of "Gates to Annihilation AND Altars of Madness"-Morbid Angel and the colombian masters MASACREEEEEEEEEE (brutally sick and heavy as fukk!!!) and a sick-ass Mortuary cover track (Sacrilegious) on the B-Side, hosted in a folded cover and pressed on thin black waxx!!!

TOTAL KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official 7" Release by the mighty Macabre End Prod.! Hail and Respect to those, who prevailed through the years and did NOT sell his soul to any corrupted shit!

Seriously, if you don't "like" (??!!) this, you are fukkin gay, deaf and DEAD and don't know any shit about Death Metal!!!!



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