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The second opus of the mighty AVZHIA, originally released in 2004 this legendary masterpiece has finally been resurrected on tape now!!! "The Key of Throne" was the first album which introduced the new line-up of leader Demogorgon & Gorgon with the new member Baimonth, with whom a new and even more majestical level of medieval influenced black metal mysticism had been created, which later on shall lead the way to the mighty "In my Domains" album!

This album was a huge step forward concerning the total expression and evil, mystical aura of Avzhia - absolutely unique but still true to the real essence and origins of radical black metal! Six new possessed creations have been recorded for this album with a total running-time of almost an hour!!! An unique gem of the mexican black metal underground, which unfortunately still never received the deserved attention!

"The Key of Throne" is available as...

(150 copies in total, all hand-numbered)

and also DIE HARD-Edition:
-Shield Pin (Epoxy)
-A5 Photocard
-A4 Info-sheet
(limited to 50 copies, only!!!)

The release of this tape marks a great honor for the label as besides of the friendship between both forces (label and band), I've never met anyone from the old black-scene before nor again, whose dedication and radicalism towards the ancient black metal underground spirit was still burning so strong from the past to this day!!! All Hail Demogorgon & the mighty force of Avzhia!!!!


(Those, who feel a higher admiration and connection to this band and thus may consider the 'Die Hard'-Edition not to be enough for their desires, shouldn't miss to send me a message... true devotion always gets rewarded! Hail the chosen ones!)

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