Bardo Methodology Fanzine - #3

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Bardo Methodology is definitely no "typical metal fanzine", whether by its layout - nor by its way of interviewing! And that's not even meant in any negative way!!!! Following its own path, the B.M. created his absolutely unique style and metal fanzine of its own, which has rarely been done so far (especially these days). The entire zine is done with a more noble/less extreme layout, more refering to the very classic style of a noble-book. Also the interviews are focusing more on different topics than only music itself, such as philosophical aspects etc. A different, but refreshing and (most important) intersting point of view, which grants a deeper look into the bands and musicians attitude from a different perspective!

Completely written in english!

This issue contains interview-articles with:
-Altar of Perversion
-Perra Karlsson(!!!)
-Paolo Girardi
-Desiderii Marginis
-and more... !!!


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Versandgewicht: 350 g
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