Belkant - Inframetal CD

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Arghhhhh back to the true meaning of real extreme metal... back to the origin of brutality: Colombian Underground!!! Belkant has risen from the very pits of Bogota in 2009, totally dedicated to the rawest and most brutal form of traditional metal - extremely influenced by the Ultra Metal sound! Absolutely hate-driven, raw and anti-technical extreme metal - the real metal! The fukkin opposite of nowadays "nice boys for plastic tits" poser fake "metal"!!! Only the Underground Flame is real!!! Face your death... Eight hymns of total South American Metal War!!! Highly recommended for fans of Reencarnacion, Blasfemia, Parabellum, Revenge (Greece) etc!!!

Official CD-Version by Warfuck Recs./Southamerican Hell Prod.
***Colombia Import***



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