Biophobia - The Holy Office LP

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Bulgarian Black Metal Mysticism from 1996!!!
A great highlight of last years releases was definitely the resurrection of the east-bloc underground gem "The Holy Office" (or better said "holy inquisition") by the hungarian black metal necromants of BIOPHOBIA! Being the second album, it got also handled as their best record of their entire career which I can only agree with. The unique sound and style of Biophobia is based especially on the traditional pillars of heavy, speed, thrash and death metal - simply said: exactly the stuff, which the first black metal bands carried within as well, a strong base of traditional metal with an evil, dark, majestic but obscure atmosphere with many variations and the typical strong eastern aura of the mystical days from the past. Highly recommended for fans of (the polish) Holy Death, Master's Hammer, Rotting Christ, Eternal (MX), Destruction, Magnus, Törr, etc...

Official LP-Release by Zombi Danz!!

As special bonus does this LP release also contain an old interview (next to several old photos!), which was originally recorded and played for a radio-show in 1996 in Bulgaria! The interview got translated into english by no other than the mighty Medarov of TEROZIN!!! A truely special release, which shouldn't be missed at all!!!

***Belgium Import***


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