Bode Preto - Inverted Blood LP

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The true Führer is back! Speaking about no other than Rodrigo Führer (Ex-Holocausto; not the shithead with the stupid mustache!) who has created a new satanic force of radical black metal while still having his obvious influences from the times with the mighty Holocausto - thus, no fake trial of copying a skandinavian sound!!!

"Inverted Blood" is the debut album from 2012(!) and for some unknow reason Ijust  came across this band about 3 years ago, since seemingly nobody is talking to anyone anymore about the real important stuff?... Nonetheless, for all those who unfortunately have overseen this mighty horde all the time, this is your chance to get yourself an impression of the mighty black goat!!! Nine tracks of blasphemic black gospels!!!

Pressed on black waxxx for eternity by Unholy Prophecies Recs.!!!


PS:  No idea who added that shitty photo on "Metal Archives", but I have serious doubts about the correctness of that pic?!...

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