Boundless Chaos - Of Death and Perdition Tape

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One of germany's strongest forces of our current Underground Deathrash Legions!!!!
Deadly fast and with a lethal precision, Boundless Chaos striked down their insane rage-hymns on maximum aggression and thus delievered one of the very best debut-EPs of this millenium! Total Deathrash Mayhem without any gay poser "retro 80s purple-colour"-shit and all the rest of the crap, which many other bands have changed into! Real Metal has to be pure - trendies shall fukk off and keep on sucking their pop-cocks!!! BOUNDLESS CHAOS  will slay them all!!!!!!

Official Tape-Version by the band, highly recommended!!!!
(Second Edition! Now on blue transparent tape... the last chance before they're gone again!!)


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