Boundless Chaos/Idle Ruin - Malefactors Split-Tape

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Destruktion Records proudly presents the ultimate terrorstorm of two faceripping deathrash killers from the very depths of the german and australian underground, who have joined forces for a traditional split-tape!!!

Boundless Chaos deliever two new tracks of deadly tight deathrashing madness (those who remember their magnificent first EP "...of Death and Perdition" will know what's coming their way!) while Idle Ruin even brought up three new tracks, which were a thousand times heavier and even more brutal than their first (self-titled) EP (mixed by Joel Grind)! These songs demonstrate the merciless and radical extremism of traditional metal, and also the eager willingness of each band to expand the own power and set a massive monument against nowadays trend-soaked fake bands by teaming up for a split-release and keeping their shit honest and straight between the eyes!!!! TOTAL DEATHRASH SLAUGHTERER!!!

The Split is available as "Regular Tape" (incl. all lyrics) or "Die Hard-Version"!!!

The Die Hard-Version comes with a different layout in a special double-MC case, which consists of:
-Split MC
-Lyric-/Linernotes Insert-sheet
-A3 Poster
-2x Buttons
-2x Sticker

Both versions are limited to 100 copies, only!!!


Australian Maniacs shall get in touch with IDLE RUIN for copies, to support your local underground and even more to avoid the rip-off prices of the german post-service!

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