Death Invoker - Necromansy, Damnation, Revenge CD

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The Blackened Deathvastator from peruvian Hell!!!!
Finally the brutal EP "Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge" got released on tape through a european label, which was definitely about damn time... Death Invoker is the purest reincarnation of absolute and merciless extreme metal radicalism in the traditional south american vein! No washed up, sissy, ass-offering plastic shite... Death Invoker is the one, who keeps the southern warfront solid and strong against all modern infiltrators, posers and trends!!! This is the true spirit of the Underground!!!! South American Blackened Death Metal Terror!

Official CD-Version of the brutal EP including 4 bonus tracks (1x live; 3x rehearsal) by WOE!

***Thailand Import***


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