Desaster - Souls of Infernity LP (Gatefold)

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The mightiest Traditional Black (Thrash) Metal Legion of all times... DESASTER!!!

The mighty "Souls of Infernity" EP of the ancient and ultimate metal force DESASTER has finally been resurrected on 12" Vinyl and comes with a fukkin rare and killer bonus on top: The entire "Tyrants of the Netherworld" album as Rehearsal-Session!!! A historical but also essential recording for all Desaster Maniacs and Hellbangers, as this rehearsal demonstrated their "ready-to-strike"-attitude, bloody force and magic at its most intense, which the band has grown up to through the years. A demonstration of true spirit and power at each and every moment, not only for one album! Also the studio-version of "Show them How" was included, which was normally only available as bonus track on the vinyl-version of the "Tyrants..." album!!

"Souls of Infernity" marks the very last official release of the old line-up and due to all the assclowns on discogs, simply always much too expensive to obtain... now you'll get your last chance, to grab a copy of this magnificent EP as a very special and noble Gatefold-Version with a fukkin rare rehearsal-session of their (in my opinion) best album at once for a very fair price - in relation to all the stuff you get here + the fact, that Iron Pegasus & Desaster have put a lot of effort into this re-issue and the brutally risen prices for vinyl-productions these days, yes, it is a fukkin fair price and the best I could offer!!!

Official Black Vinyl-Version by Iron Pegasus!!!




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