Diabolical Fullmoon - The Pagan Wolves will Rise Again CD

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Traditional Black Metal from the pagan vastlands!
Diabolical Fullmoon's aura and sound is truely different from all the rest of today... melancholic, heroic, proud and mystical were just a few elements of their might, which already cut deeply into my soul since the first moment I put on that album! Nothing for trendy ears... Diabolical Fullmoon didn't march with the times and their changes nor do they try to copy the past... what they've created is true black metal might, pure and not bounded to any "times" in any stupid nostalgic way! Real Spirit reigns eternal and although the quantity of outstanding bands is still decreasing, there will always be the chosen ones, who are gifted with the black force and who have understood the real essence and magic behind it. Fukk Trends - Fukk Posers - No compromises and no tolerance, it's all or nothing!!!

Official CD-Version by Putrid Cult Recs.

***Poland Import***



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