Eisenblatt Fanzine - #19 (Double Issue)

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Arghh after a much too long time of silence, the german East Metal-fanzine EISENBLATT has finally returned with a new issue (#19!), which still got its very own charme and unique interview-style, which is truely honest and straight like no other! I'd recommend everyone to learn german just to understand the greatness behind this zine!!!

Interviews were done this time with:
-Iron Blade
-JT Ripper
-Mad Slaughter
-and many more, also with several special articles again about bands from the east-bloc (MASTER/OSSIAN) and due to the fact that the interviews and reports got even longer than usual, the whole review-section has been put into a bonus-zine!!

Once again, a fukkin great new issue which was totally worth the wait and yes, it's still cheap as you can see!!!
Fukk the money-suckers!!!

Hail German Democratic Recordings!! (Cheers Hendrik!)

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