Ereshkigal/Vargnogk - Monument to the Filth/Kur-Nu-Gi-A Split-Tape

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A true classic and essential of the early days of mexican black metal history!!!
The ultimate Split-Tape of the two mexican black metal forces Vargnogk and the mighty Ereshkigal!!! These recordings were still from their very early days and thus contain the ultimate rawest sound and blood-lusting spirit of true radicalism!!! The Tape contains the first Ereshkigal Demo from 1994 and also Vargnogk's debut-demo from 1995!!! Both were officially released as one Split-Tape back then in 1995 by the one and only Bellphegot Recs. (All Hail!!!!) and now finally resurrected on Tape again by Azermedoth Recs.!!!

Both bands and their released demos have created their very own, eerie and fierce aura and especially sound, which is everything else but the average "hyper-speed raw shit" most bands were doing back then! Creations, evoked by true radicalism and ancient spiritual forces!!!

Official Tape-Version by Azermedoth Recs.!
***Mexico Import***


Another interesting fact behind this tape-release is, that those were seemingly produced on high quality-cassettes of several brands, which got "blanked" again and re-printed!!! Fukkin' killer!!!!!

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