Eternal - Abismo de Suenos LP

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Mystical Death/Doom from the old mexican metal-scene!!!
Originally recorded in 1994, "Abismo de Suenos" catches and reflects the old feeling of its decade in a dark and sinister way. Excellent Death/Doom with slight atmospheric keyboard-parts, absolutely 90s Death Mysticism! This one is highly recommended for fans of Argentum(!!!) and the ones, who've decided to walk the ancient paths in order to keep the old legacy alive... and so is ETERNAL! I have only traded 4 copies, so I rather sell this LP only to the chosen ones, who are truely dedicated to the ancient cult and understand this evil magic! 

Special thanks to "Sutsircitna Productions" for resurrecting this killer gem of mexican-metal history and for pressing it on Vinyl for the very first fukkin time!!!!! (A deserved re-release, unlike all the fukkin unnecessary crap that occupies all the factories!)

***Portugal Import***


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