Evil Spectrum - Emanation of the Hybris 7"EP

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Peruvian Underground Black Thrash Killer 'EVIL SPECTRUM' strike again with a new 3-Track 7"EP!!!
The intensity and power of Evil Spectrum has become even more straight and in some way even more mystical - hard to explain but definitely in the most positive sense! After reading several newer interviews from different zines, I can totally assure that this band totally knows, what they want, what they do and who they are!!! No poser shit - just pure and truely dedicated Underground Black Thrashing Chaosstorms!!!! Especially these new tracks are insanely various in their song structures while still keeping their sick power-level high!! For all the other 'new' bands: Get up on the level of Evil Spectrum and then we're talking...


Official vinyl release (on thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) classic black waxxx by the mighty Escafismo Recs.!!!
***Spain Import***



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