Exilent - Beyond Remedy LP

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One of the veeeeeeeeeeeeery few exceptions in crust/hardcore punk from the german terrortories, which truely got balls'n'guts!!!! What Exilent delievered on their previous material already ripped my head off (thanks 'Cowboy' for the CD!!!) but nothing is even getting close to be comparable to their newest assault "Beyond Remedy"!!! That's the real attitude - progression means pushing up the levels beyond the limits (and not tech-prog-shittery!!) and so did EXILENT! Even more aggressive than ever before, 10 tracks it shall be to slay you down to the ground!!! Uncompromising D-Beat/Hardcore-/Crust with a lethal overdose of strong and pure aggression, while especially the vocals of "Ini" will show you how...!!!! Fukkin' honest stuff that will hit you straight between your fukked up trend-blinded-eyes!!!

Official LP-Version by a shitload of different Underground Punk-labels, so I just say thanks to BOMB ALL Recs. (the man in charge!) for sending over the copies!!! Sick joint-operation release, which got pressed on black waxxx and comes including a poster and lyric-zine(!) inside!!!!


(only negative point on this release: It got pressed on 180g baaah!!)

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