Fatal Underground Fanzine - #53

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After the 53rd issue, I'd dare to say that this zine should be known to EVERYONE! Unstoppable and always defiant, the F.U. Zine just published another issue with more than 80 pages again! Although I'm honestly not that much into all featured bands, it's the message behind the zine itself, which makes it a very important pillar of the underground zine: The support... not only for bands, but also for all kinds Underground Distros, Labels and their record-releases etc... Editor Leo is a very honest guy, no compromises and no ball-sucking for any trendy bands!!!

Interviews were done with:

-Cryptic Brood
-Putrid Torso
-Clabasster Records
-and more... also tons of reviews, distro & label recommendations, reports etc etc...

Xeroxed Zine! GERMAN WRITTEN!!!

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