Heptameron - Grand Master of the Final Harvest LP

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Ancient Black Metal Mysticism from Hellas, I've blasted my own copy at the day of arrival already several times in a row... this killer album (and unfortunately one and only of this great one-man band - stopped in 2007) contains 8 tracks of pure satanic black metal, which also contains a strong edge satanic black thrash majesty - thus this album stands far above most of the other records of that genre! Originally released on CD in 2006, this radical monument of blasphemic darkness has finally finally and fukkin finally been re-released on LP now!!! Fukk the rest, this album was absolutely worth it to be pressed on black waxxx!!! A true gem of radical Metal madness from the allmighty hellenic black metal underground! Support or Die!!!!

Official LP-Release by Life Eternal Prod. & Zombi Danz Prod... any more questions?!?!?!
Thin Cover, classic black waxxx... the true underground way!


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