Holocausto War Metal - Batismo de Fogo Tape

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Destruktion Records proudly presents the return of the brazilian War Metal Veterans... straight out of the Extermination Camp: Holocausto War Metal!!!

Risen from the ashes of the brazilian extreme metal force Holocausto, comes forth the resurrected and radical war-spirit in its purest and bloodiest form: HOLOCAUSTO WAR METAL! Led by Exterminator, in alliance with his new deathsquad 'The Trigger' & 'War Tank', the mission has been set to return the legacy of real War Metal back to its origins in order to destroy the warcrimes, which have been done under the command of "R. Führer" in the name of Holocausto during his abscence ("Tozago as Deismno", "Negatives", "Blocked Minds" and shit...)!!!

Holocausto War Metal returns now to the radical warfront, taking no prisoners and holding up high the old banners of real War Metal with their radical debut-album "Batismo de Fogo"!!!

The album contains nine war-hymns of brazilian extreme metal radicalism and wear absolutely no signs of tiredness or weakened aging... the originators, the spirit of true War Metal never rests!!!
Pro-done Tape and covers incl. all lyrics! (Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies in total)

Besides of the "Regular-Tape" (150 copies), a limited "Warchest"-Edition has been forged as well (100 copies)!!!

The Warchest-Set contains:
-Batismo de Fogo Tape
-Metal Box
-5.5cm Iron Cross Metal Pin
-Photo-card & -stripe
-Warfront Newspaper (contains an exclusive Interview, official biography, photos and lyrics! A2 size)

The war metal beast of Holocausto W.M. stands truely and absolutely loyal behind the radical ideology of the Underground... Total Respect! Total Support! Total War against the false!!!!!!!!! Hail the true Holocausto War Metal!!!


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