Illum Adora - Begotten LP + Poster, Sticker, Lyric-Zine

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The first demo "Begotten" of the german Black Metal Underground Force ILLUM ADORA has been re-released on Vinyl this time and although I'm not a big fan of Demo-on-LP-Releases, this one actually marks a very different!!!

Besides of the great majestic creations on this record, it's especially the total DIY-made cover and content, which separates this release from most of the other LP-Re-issues... each record is unique, handcrafted by Hellfukker (Illum Adora) himself!!! All covers are made of burned prints, put up on the actual LP-covers, each one hand-numbered and dedicated to it's owner!!!! Further, each copy contains a huge as fukk poster (A1!), sticker and A5 Lyric-zine... in relation to nowadays times of purest, expensive greed - you'll get pretty damn much for low money here and as said before, this demo was definitely one of the highlights within the german black metal underground of 2015!!!

Highly recommended for loyal followers of early Desaster, Graveland, Moonblood, Godkiller, Wallachia... Worship or die in endless flames of torment!!!

Official LP-Version by Kneel before the Masters Throne!



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