Irrlycht - Schatten des Gewitters LP

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True Underground Black Metal from the germanic fields of triumph!!!
Hateful, cold and sharp like a freezing blade! Irrlycht walks proudly among the chosen ones of the german black metal underground, who should be known - who truely are!!! No trendy shit, no experiments - pure devotion and spirit rule this magnificent force! The mighty debut-album "Schatten des Gewitters" from 2011 is a true gem and essential of real underground black metal!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Official LP-Release (Gatefold cover) without any sissy trend bullshit like Hotfoil stamping or B-Side edging, that nobody fukkin' needs nor considers to be necessary in any way!!! This LP is pure and raw, minimalistic but killer!!! BLACK WAXXX only!!! Evoked by UNDERCOVER RECORDS!!!



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