Lord Frimost - 3-MC Box

Lord Frimost - 3-MC Box

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Traditional Black Metal from the dividing line... Ecuador!!!
although hailing from the very depths of south american hell, L.F. worships the ancient paths of traditional black metal in the vein of early UNGOD, Gorgoroth and hellenic BM masters such as Thou Art Lord and Rotting Christ!! THIS is everything else than your gay society-accepted trendy crap!!!!!

This 3-MC Box contains:

-Dark Age of Intolerance Demo Tape
-Screams of Hatred and Hymns of Blasphemy Tape
-The Wrath of Hell EP Tape

All hosted in a hand-crafted(!) cardboard box! Absolute killer edition, true underground spirit!!!!
Made by Dark Ritual Recs.!

Limited on 100 Boxes - for the chosen ones, only...!!!


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