Macabre Overdose Fanzine - #3

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The third issue of this sick Underground Fanzine, the most dedicated one who stands his ground:
MACABRE OVERDOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The newest issue got even better than the previous edition in my opinion (which was already a criminally insane one!), all pages were held in traditional black'n'white with lots of flyers, photos and fukkin killer interviews, which in combination with the classic layout (you will witness the fukkin maniac-spirit!!!!!!) evoked a total outburst of radical energy and madness inside my veins... see why and obey by the chosen ones for the interview-section arghhh:
-Goat Synagogue
-Funeral Oration
-Medieval Demon
-Songe D'Enfer
-Prophets of Doom
-Black Goat
-Mysteriis (the true one from Colombia!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Drakon Ho Megas
-Croix Mortis
-Death Altar

Also there are many (longer or shorter) Band-Biographies:
-Infernal Darkness
-Corpse Molestation
-Bellicum Bestiallis
-Regere Sinister
-Wolfera the Jackal
-Bellicus Daemoniacus
-Slave Spirit
-Goat Semen
-Inverted Pentagram

All in all, this issue is seriously among the best and most dedicated zines I've been holding proudly within my bloody hands, nothing but total respect and support to Black Moon & Goatprayer, same as Thomas of Life Eternal Prod. for supporting these guys by printing the unholy propaganda onto the black pages of doomed damnation!!! THIS IS TRUE UNDERGROUND TYRANNY!! WORSHIP OR DIE - NO EXCUSES TOLERATED!!!

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