Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer LP (NWN - Gatefold)

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The ultimate Deathrash Beast from Poland!!!!
I guess Magnus and especially their masterpiece of brutal deathrashing violence "Scarlet Slaughterer" should already be well known here and thanks to NWN!, the chance to get this sick piece of violence on vinyl again has finally returned now, since my own copies were all sold out within 1 month and I've already even spotted some assholes on Dis-Cocks who are selling them for 80 bucks or more... fukk off!!!

So here's your chance to get one of the latest re-issues for a fair price now!

The (second) NWN!-Version comes as a gatefold cover-LP incl. the original cover-artwork on front this time and also a poster inside with the CD-Artwork! Pressed on blue/grey marbled waxxx!!!

In case you already have any other version of the LP already, please do NOT buy another copy here just for the sake of your "collection"... play fair and rather tell your friends about this offer, who were still hunting for this album and who truely deserve it!!

***US Import***




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