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"There's no Metal without Fanatism!!"

Those were the first words I ever heard about Maligno and these words are their eternal prayer and propaganda!!!
Maligno isn't just a band... they represent the maniac attitude and radicalism of the true Underground Spirit and that being said, their music should be listened to with highest levels of attention! This ain't no "background-music for relaxing shit times"!!! Radical Underground Hellnoise for bloodthirsty Maniacs! Especially the sound of Maligno is very obscure, sinister and dark... it crawls deeper below your skin, instead of just being "ufta ufta" with some "hail satan"-shouts!!! A very unique band and essential horde, as their creations are the result of their attitude and a reflection of life instead of just a short moment of it!!! Underground means total dedication and fanatism... and so it MALIGNO!!!

Official LP-Version by Headbangers Recs. - pressed on black fukkin waxxxxx only!!!



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