Masacre - 20 Years of Death DVD

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20 Years of brutal Death!!!
This DVD contains the full live-performance of the colombian legendeath "MASACRE", recorded live at Rock Al Parque Fest 2008!!! Ten Death Metal Killers through almost 1 hour of a merciless and bloody performance, see and witness the strength of this mighty legend!!!! Everything has been professionally recorded (and not through a shitty cellphone!!!) and as a very nice special, this DVD contains the legendary (yes, legendary because everything this band did, does and gonna do is fukkin legendeath, ok?!) documentary "Mas alla del Dolor", which speaks about the complete history of the mighty Masacre, from their very early days till the (back then) present (almost 1 hour of playing-time)! Also includes many appearances for interviews of ex-members - essential!!! And some more bonus-stuff such as photos, history etc etc...

So in total you'll get the ultimate death metal massacre for almost 2 hours straight in your damn face, performed and told by one of the most essential, unique and true(!) death metal beasts of all time: MASACRE!!!

Official DVD-Version by KILL AGAIN RECORDS!!!

Dedicated to Victor & Bull Metal (D.E.P. hermanos!)

***Brazil Import***



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