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The already 16th issue of the "Morbid Faith Newsletter" has been published now, stronger and heavier than ever before!!! Written by El Abismo Recs./Realm of Shades Zine & Destruktion Records! Presenting the thickest issue to this day, No #16 contains 22x A4 pages full of underground news, biographies, reviews and also 3 interviews (In fact, this is a damn fanzine now!) with:

-Poison Angel (Mex)
-Holocausto War Metal (Bra)
-Black Steel Worship Recs. (Cro)

And yes, it is still for free!!! Anyway it is up to you, if you'd like to flip a coin for it in order to cover the print-costs, but it's not mandatory! Morbid Faith was made to support the real underground and to spread the black gospels of absolute radicalism, nothing more - nothing less!!! And with this issue we send a massive hail to all those, who supported us with this issue (Adolfo (Master of Cruelty), Vasili (Ancient Spirit Terror), Rikki (Hard Metal Jackhammer), Bael (Ex-Nebiros/Guerreros de Lucifer)) and especially all the old/new bands for their time and comittment!

Be adviced and keep in mind! Regarding the on-going stupid question of the big "WHY?" for a printed newsletter, here's you damn answer - maybe you should print it and pin it up your wall so you won't forget it again:
We might live in modern, connected times but that makes it also even more difficult to stay up to date with everything (not even mentioning all the lame-ass shit you actually don't even want to see, while doing so!) - a printed newsletter delievers ONLY the real shit that's happening in the underground, concentrated and free of stupid comments, ego-bullshit and trends etc... every editor is digging through the deepest filth to deliever one issue after another and that even for free or just the printing-costs in order to give you opportunity to support and focus only on those bands and labels, that truely matter!!! So who's laughing now, sucker?!

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