Necrobutcher - Schizophrenic Noisy Torment CD (Digipack)

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The most extreme grinding metal force from Brazil - the ultimate Whimps Earslaughter!!!!
Raw as fukk, extreme like no other - those were the radical times of the early brazilian metal underground which Necrobutcher has influenced brutally with their raw, brutal, noisy sound of insane, grinding madness! THIS is real sick stuff, as said before: No easy listening stuff!!! For totally insane maniacs and extreme ragers, only - all others will die bleeding with broken bones and knocked out teeth, your corpse will be mutilated and raped!!!

This CD contains all their demo and rehearsal tapes, more detailed:

Tracks 1-9: Schizophrenic Christianity Demo 1 - Studio demo released July, 1989
Tracks 10-21: Corrosive Noisy Torment Demo 2 - Demo-reh released October 7th, 1989
Tracks 22-29: rehearsal, 01-1989
Tracks 30-44: rehearsal, January 13th, 1989

(YES, 44 tracks of raging metal/grinding noise!!!)

Official CD-Version (Slim Digi-Pack with 3 panels) by Black Hearts Recs. (Brazil)
***Brazil Import***


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