Necrohammer - Promo 2021 Tape

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Bestial Underground Metal Holocaust from Mexico!!!

Necrohammer is dedicated to the radical metal bestiality, returning the glory and black force of traditional metal to its origins, when genres were still defined by their lyrics and extreme attitude and not "forced clichee parameters"! This is the real raw metal madness, which pioneers and godfathers such as Sarcófago, Bathory or Hellhammer have created... Necrohammer has taken this torch to carry on the blasphemic flames of true, satanic metal bestiality towards immortality!!!

Highly recommended for radical fanatics of Sarcófago, Hellhammer, early Power from Hell, Vomitor, Satanas (Per), Bathory!!!

***Advance PROMO-TAPE!!!***
This Tape contains three chosen unreleased(!!!) tracks of purest mayhemic metal damnation, which were taken from an upcoming Tape-Release on Destruktion Records in 2022!!! The sound is a thousand-times better on these tracks, than the "compressed" stuff you can find on youtube! (Anyone still wants to tell me, that digital is better? Die in Fire!!!) More info coming soon...

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