Necroholocaust/Obeisance - Bringers of Black Genocide 7" EP

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Two giants of radical Underground Black-Death Extreme Metal Terror!!!
Mighty Necroholocaust & Obeisance!!! 2 Warhymns of each horde await to make your damn ears bleed! Sick, uncompromising, brutal stuff - highly recommended for fans of Zygoatsis, Morbosidad, Impiety, RG666, Nunslaughter!!! This is the real face of raw extreme metal!!! Fukk your technical death metal gayness!!!

Official 7" EP by Chalice of Blood Angel Prod. - BLACK WAXXX!!!



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Versandgewicht: 100 g
Versandgewicht: 100 g
Versandgewicht: 100 g
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