Necroscope Fanzine - #37 + CD

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Once again I'm fukkin impressed by the speed of which every new issue of the mighty Necroscope Zine got born... I mean, also this issue contains once again more than 100 pages, damn!!! And still there's no sign of tiredness - the contrary rules eternally here: Endless Underground Devotion and Spirit! Hail Editor Adam!!!

This fat-ass issue contains tons of long and interesting interviews of the well-known Necro-Quality(!) with bands such as:

-Heretic Ritual
-Blames God
-Funeral Vomit
-Blasphemous Putrefaction
-Erupted Evil
-Tales of Blood

Also many detailed and honest reviews and special articles about underrated oldschool records!!!! As special bonus, there's once again a full CD (Special Digipack) inside, this time: INFERIS - In the Path of Malignant Spirits!!!!

Seriously, by taking a look at this zine I'd like to know, who'd still prefer the lame "internet-research" for new bands if you can check up killer zines like this??? No stupid or unmatching bullshit commercial-ads, no stupid people and comments... just puuuurest underground metal dedication and REAL support for those, who deserve it! Great Zine, great bands, great content!!!!!!!!!! Only printed is real... A big FUKK OFF to so called "Webzines"!!! There are certain traditions, that are worth it to be kept alive...

***Poland Import***

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