No Remorse Fanzine - #6

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Another killer zine from the brazilian pits written by the one and only, you should already know from the mighty Cthulhu zine: NO REMORSE!!! This zine focuses only on punk-madness such as Hardcore and Crust as well, thus featuring tons of killer interviews with:

-Extreme Noise Terror
-Catasexual Urge Motivation
-Perdition Sect
-Extreme Smoke 57
-Raw Power

36 Pages of pure power and violence, for the first time completely written in english and ready to kick your face down!!! I fukkin love this simply-straight-to-the-point style of this zine, which also refers to the interviews - always right between the eyes!!! This zine has been formerly published in portuguese, so take your chance now and witness the power of NO REMORSE ZINE!!! Total xeroxed A4-zine the oldschool way!!! FUKK THE MAJOR ZINES AND KEEP THE TRUE CULT OF THE UNDERGROUND ALIVE!!! INDEPENDENT, UNCOMMERCIAL AND ANTI-TREND TILL FUKKIN' DEATH!!!!

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