Nocturnal Graves - Inward Graves 12"EP

Nocturnal Graves - Inward Graves 12"EP

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The newest 12"EP of the satanic beast from the NOCTURNAL GRAVES!!!
This horde has been one of the longest lasting Black/Thrash Hordes of the Underground, which never whimped out or betrayed its beliefs!!! No Trends - No Experiments - No Fashion Bullshit! Hail the Nocturnal Graves or FUKK OFF!!!

Two new tracks (Bridges Burn & Inward Graves ) on the A-Side and two songs as special re-mix on the B-Side of "Lead Us to the Endless Fire" & "Sharpen the Knives", which were formerly only available on a special 7", which got sold during their US-tour in the past!

Fortunately, none of these tracks have been uploaded yet - as there is no need to do so! Those of you who know NG, are aware what to expect! So grab this fukker blindly and unleash the madness at maximum volume!!

Official 12" Vinyl version by Shadow Recs., pressed on black waxxx only!!! Limited to 500 copies incl. lyric-sheet!

***Sweden Import***

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