Nocturnal/Sabbat - Split EP

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Brand new Split-EP of the mighty Nocturnal and Sabbat!!!
Both already had several splits with all kinds of bands and now... finally... both have released one together as well!!!!
The Nocturnal Side contains a re-recorded version of "BEAST OF HADES" and a special cover-version for Slaughter's "NOCTURNAL HELL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, the re-recorded versions are killer in my opinion!! I totally worship Invokers Voice and his variety in such! Intense as usual, killer and ready to strike! Sabbat delievers a brand new song called "Moon of Sorrow" and in fact, this song is fukkin "strange"?! It still sounds like Sabbat, but it also does not sound like Sabbat?!?!?!... I really don't know what to think and say about this song, so it's up to you. I'll stay with the Nocturnal Side for sure!!!

Limited Edition by Thrashing Rage Recs & Take this Torch Recs.!!! (Pressed on black waxxx)

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