Nuclear Winter Fanzine - #3 (Incl. Sphinx Bonus-Zine)

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...The Rush of Power!!!!

Like a nuclear hurricane appeared the newest third issue of N.W. Fanzine out of nothing and presents once again a really killer selection of bloody underground forces (we're speaking about 88 pages full of stuff, so don't expect any nonsense shittalks!) - interviews were done this time with:

-Black Hosts
-Boundless Chaos
-Nyte Light
-Nuclear Revenge
-Old Coven
-incl. several reviews as well!!!

As a special bonus for the german lunatics (and due to the fact that this interview was simply too sick in its original language to not print it as such), Editor Lukas printed the whole original SPHINX interview in german language for an extra mini-zine (purest cut'n'paste madness, sick as fukk!) which comes along with every issue! That's fukkin dedication and passion to the core!!! Only printed is real... Support the Underground!!!

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