Obskure/No Sense - Confused Mind/Uterus in Grave 7" Split-EP

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Here we get two underground killers from Brazil, who've gathered to resurrect both of their early days demos on a special 7" Split!!!! Obskure is totally dedicated to the heaviest, brutal sound of radical death metal - No Sense rips in the traditional grindcore way (speaking about the real stuff, not the fake-ass "fun shit" of today - KEEP IT CLASSY!!)! While Obskure delievers three neckbreaking death-hymns, No Sense comes up with 20 tracks of mainly grindcore noise (which lasts about 10-15 secs) while having also 2-3 "more real" tracks (which last about 1 min) - THIS SHIT IS INTENSE!!!!

Absolutely nothing for weak, whimpy minds!!! THIS SHIT WILL MAKE YOUR POSER EARS BLEED IN FUKKIN PAIN!!!!!!!!!

Maniacs of NAPALM DEATH will worship this!

Official Split EP by Winter Prod.
(Special thanks to my friend LIMA for bringing over these sick killer records from Brazil! Cheers!)




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