Osculum - Orcustus Diabolicus 7"EP

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Arghhhh first off, I wasn't even aware that Osculum was actually still active all the time!!! And now they've delievered a brand new EP,... silently, secretly and for the true underground hordes, only!!!!

The EP consists of two brand new blasphemic gospels of traditional black metal darkness - no experiments, no modern sound shit, no trigger and especially no gay-ass clown-parade attitude as all the rest of the "old bands" from the 'northern kingdoms' do these days!!! Since the formation of OSCULUM during the early/mid 90s, they've gathered a respected name within the realms of the radical black metal underground and this EP defends once again the supreme might of the mexican black metal legions to this day!!! Both tracks are guided with a very own, magical aura and especially truely, honest "underground feeling", which I haven't felt like this for a loooong time, seriously!!!

Alongside shines out also the fact, that this release got unleashed by the mighty Rex Bagude Recs., Umbra Luciferi & Macabre End Prod. (they should be known names for you!) who, although being three labels, fortunately did NOT see the necessity of making this 7" another shitty piece of trend-fukkery, speaking about fat-ass, heavy vinyl (uhh 180g of shit!) or stupid art-paper cardboard fukkery... this release - in honor to the real black metal traditions, the cult, the might - got pressed on thin, simple black vinyl with a classic fold-out cover, printed on normal(!) paper! (oh no, so it's not "high quality anymore"?... IT STILL IS YOU FUKKTARDS!!!) This is the real way of the Underground, straight, honest and in honor of the ancient metal cult only - instead of expensive trend-items!!!

After the first run, this EP already hammered an unique memory and experience into my soul, which shouldn't be missed by those, who truely and still believe in the ancient metal spirit, it's traditions and laws!

Official release by Rex Bagude, Umbra Luciferi & Macabre End!!!
Pressed on black waxxx, only!!!


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