Persecutory - Towards the Ultimate Extinction CD

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PERSECUTORY delievers a merciless storm of raw black-death massacres, which gleams especially through its mighty compositions that build up a strong pressure and power while still being surrounded by the old fog of demonic darkness!!! This ain't the same repeating boring shit with unlistenable reverb-overkills that flooeded the underground a few years ago... this is pure might!!! Highly recommended for fans of Engulfed, Supremative, Impiety etc!!! I've said it once and I'll say it again: Keep an eye upon the turkish underground!!! Looking back at all the shit that's been released already within this still young year under the sign of "black/death", this release is definitely one of the very few unique releases that was truely worth it to be unleashed!! Destroy the world!!!

Official CD-Version by Hell Prod.

***Thailand Import***


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