Ripping Flesh - Mercy LP

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Ripping Flesh was another important pillar for the old mexican death metal underground and same as all other mexican death metal fanatics of that time, their sound was much more raw and intense (further also drenched with morbid melodies like no others!) than the "big ones" from Scandinavia or the USA during that time!!!

This LP gathers all of their three demos, which have been recorded during 1990 - 1992 (13 tracks in total)!!! Highly recommended stuff, especially for fanatics of The Chasm, Shub Niggurath, R'Lyeh, Toxodeth, Mortuary etc...

Official LP-Version by Dark Recollections Prod.!!! (Black Waxxxxxx)
***Mexico Import***



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Versandgewicht: 300 g
Versandgewicht: 300 g
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