Sabbat/Impurity - Rage and Horrors Tape (Deluxe Set)

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Argghhhh sick "true to the cult" Underground Black Metal Split from fukkin Brazil and Japan!!!
Both bands need nore more introduction and there's no way around! True bangers can't deny them... if you're false, don't entry!!! This killer deluxe MC-Set contains the special split of these two underground veterans (five satanic hymns of blasphemy, darkness and evil - chanted and evoked by each of the mighty forces such as "Death is the mother of God", "Satanic Metal Kingdom" or "Under the Spell", also "Kamikaze Bomber", "Nekromantik", or "13 Candles"!!) and as additional bonus, a lot of stuff has been added such as a Poster, silk-style patch, 2 stickers, 2 photos... all hosted in a fukkin sick fold-out Box-Set with Obi, the true south american style! All Hail the mighty RAWBLACKULT from Bolivia for releasing once again, one of the sickest real underground sets ever!!! 

***Bolivia Import***



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