Savage Deity/Goatchrist666 - Icons of the Wicked 7" Split EP

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One hell of a killer Split-Release from the hellish Kingdom of Siam!!!!
Mighty Savage Deity delievers and conquers with two sick hymns of raging Death Metal in the vein of early Morbid Angel and Deicide - today, Savage Deity has evolved to one of the strongest and most loyal underground death metal forces from Thailand!!! These two songs on the split are simply killer as fukk!!! GOATCHRIST666 has unfortunately already split up, but were also a great example of the boundless spirit and power, which the siamese underground legions bear within! Blasphemic Blackened Death Metal Terror, which in my opinion, is still unreached due to its intensity and simply real force, which this magnificent band evoked and represented through their chants of mayhem!!! True Underground Madness!!!

Official 7"EP Release by Armee de la Mort!!!
Black Waxxx and nothing else!!!



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