Seeds of Hate - Persecution of Christian Filth CD

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True German Black Metal Force of the Underground!!!

The (unfortunately) only full-length record of the mighty SEEDS OF HATE!!! (2002)
Eight majestic battlehymns of blasphemy and hate, combined with a touch of sinister, ancient darkened melodies!!!

An important element of german black metal has always been the very own sound and atmosphere, which in my opinion has always been more "hard-edged" and straight in comparison to other countries, while still carrying the pride and honor towards forgotten days of glory and traditions within each moment. Seeds of Hate were definitely one of those bands, who followed the same path and who have deserved much more attention and support from the real underground legions instead of shitty crap bands, which were the "false favorites" by big magazines!!! ONLY THE CHOSEN ONES... ONLY TRUE BELIEVERS...

This album, although might being an "older" one (2002) still defeats everything of all the utter shite, that rolled over from the US and UK lately... speaking about all these faggot Hipster-Students-project-Bands (Death to the false) with their shitty Hitler Jugend-hairstyle and conformist-attitude!!!! Burn Eternally and DIE OUT!!!!


Official CD-Version by Drakkar Prod.


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