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Another classic Fanzine from the golden days of Black/Death Metal has been re-issued again: SKOGEN ZINE!
Containing all three issues as one in a book, the content is absolutely killer! Most interviews of that time were held pretty simple and short... SKOGEN ZINE made deeper, longer and better questions with even longer answers, which grants an even deeper insight to the Black Metal-Scene of the 90s! Definitely a must-have for all Metal Maniacs, who truely understand which values really matter! It's not about any "cult" stuff here, this is true history, past, present and future, the manifestation of the ancient metal spirit!!!!!!!!


Contains Interviews with:
-Gates of Ishtar
-Forgotten Woods
-and tons of more interviews!!!!!!
-Also this book contains tons of special scene-reports, band articles etc etc... simply too much to write here, just a fukkin big bunch of killer stuff in one single book!!!!!!!!

Printed and published by Cult Never Dies!

***England Import***

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