Sphinx - Deathstroke (Speed Enforcing Power Booster Edition)

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Destruktion Records proudly presents:
The ultimate in deadly Speed Metal: SPHINX!!!

This is by far the very best and brutally honest, real underground metal power fighting force from germany of all times!!! The last years have demonstrated clearly what they're made of and what they truely want: TOTAL UNDERGROUND SPIRIT!!! No Ego-shittery, No Rockstar fukk, No Treason! OBEY THE SPEED... OR YOU'LL BLEED!!!

'Deathstroke' is and already will be forever my ultimate favorite and the best record of merciless underground speed metal, as it's not only the music but also the attitude and spirit of each member, which reflects through their breakneck-speed attacks like no other - 1000%!!! (especially live - now better than EVER!!!)

Since the first run of the album got sold out damn fast in all formats and lots of new maniacs asked for tapes, I've decided to make a second run now, this time on white tapes and as a special edition to grant the best insight into the band for all those, who are not familiar with the mighty sound of Sphinx: The "SPEED ENFORCING POWER BOOSTER"!!!

The set contains:

-Deathstroke MC
-16 Page Fanzine
(New interview with 'Aggressor', Live at Thrash Nightmare- & Studio-Report!!!)
All hosted in a handcrafted DIY-metal-bag!

This set will mainly be sold at their shows during this year - but finally I've decided to offer a few copies through my distro as well! Limited to 100 copies, only!! Grab your copy from the band on their shows, support the real ones!!



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