Streetcleaner Fanzine - #30

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To be honest, the last issue (Possessed) didn't convince me at all but now it seems, that Editor 'Wolle' has found his old energy again (and also some new co-editors, too!) and yes, the new issue contains some killer shit and thus delievers a good new issue for all german underground maniacs, check out the killer bands for the interviews:

-Ereb Altor
-Ad Unum Omnes
-Musical Massacre
-Taskforce Toxicator
...and more, incl. Fanzine/Record-Reviews and several special articles/interviews (Pottmortem Recs., Metal Aschaffenburg, Spiritcrusher Fanzine & the Echobeat Plattenladen)

104 Pages of streetcleaning metal madness!!! Completely written in german!!!

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