Tough Riffs Fanzine - #9

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TOUGH FUKKIN RIFFS!!!!!!!! Issue #9 has finally been published and this time even bigger: 96 pages of total madness and mayhem... yes MAYHEM, there's a special included on 10 pages with shitloads of info and stuff, a very interesting work!!!! Furthermore it contains interviews with:

-Nunslaughter (a huge one!)
-Full of Hell
-several band bios and short-interviews
-News from the Crypt-Section and once again a killer traditional layout-design (printed in A4!!!)

This zine will never let you down! Buy it, read it, worship it and support the true fukkin underground!

Editor Dima mentioned in his zine, that he was wondering about the lack of interest for interviews from bands (I experienced the same more often lately) so I'll join him to ask: What the fukk is wrong with nowadays bands?! Are you afraid, that our questions could expose the real poser you are inside?! Or maybe you're not? Prove it and answer interviews, especially of such killer zines like TOUGH RIFFS!!!!!!! It's worth it! Never underestimate the power of a true dedicated fanzine and its editor for the Underground-scene! 

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