Zapisnik Fanzine - #3

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The third issue of Zapisnik Zine!!!!

As I ordered this zine blindly for my distro, I got really surprised and enjoyed the reading of this killer zine a lot, as it simply contains nothing else than absolute Underground Devotion!!!!! Great and interesting interview-questions, many ads for killer underground bands and labels... feel and witness the spirit right here!

A4 sized madness on 70 pages (xeroxed), feat interviews with:
-Goatreich 666
-Nocturnal Blood
-Cumming Jehovah
-Demonic Rage
-Fatal Call - Zine
-Kranium Diabolikum
-Nocturnal Evil
-and tons of reviews for zines/records...!!!

Unfortunately I knew this zine too late (and just by accident, as my friend Natt of Slava Recs. offered me some copies)... and still, this is a fukkin great zine as it captures pretty well the atmosphere and strength of better days of the underground (when the fanzines were still more active and before the big abuse of smartphone shitology) in 2009!!! Zines like Zapisnik are a relict of a victorious past, a cenotaph for the iron will to succeed... unlike most newer zines of today, this guy (Hail Milovan!) truely worked hard on this issue and his interview-questions and this die-hard attitude is something, you should appreciate again and even if this issue was released in 2009, it contains lots of interesting information which you will never find on your gay-internet-smartphone-world!!!!

Support the true Underground and realize again, who truely rules your life and destiny!

***Thailand Import***
(Yes I know, Zapisnik is from Montenegro... etc... but I got this from Slava Prod., so piss off!)

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