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German Underground Black Metal Antichrist!!!
Ancient Spirit Terror finally resurrected their very first Demo from 2006 on bloody tape again, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies, only!!! The german black metal underground bands always had a very own, raw and heroic sound and style, combined with radical conviction and spirit... and so is Zwielicht!! "Leibestod" is a seemingly forgotten Underground killer these days, which shall finally receive the attention it deserves by the radical hordes of the real Underground!!! There's a reason why this tape was limited to 66 copies!!! It's not about popularity, money or gay trends!!!
Only true spirit, dedication and absolute loyalty for the real metal cult are the unholy law! SUPPORT OR DIE OUT!!!

Official Tape-Version by Ancient Spirit Terror!!!



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Versandgewicht: 80 g
Versandgewicht: 80 g
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