Hirax/The Force - La Boca de la Bestia/Queen of the Wasteland 7" Split EP

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Killer Split EP!!!

HIRAX (The only Thrash Metal band from the 80s, that just kept their aggression and became even more powerful with every single record!!! ...instead of getting old!!! Yes, FUKK YOU "BIG FOUR"!!!) & THE FORCE, a new Thrash Metal Horde from Paraguay who play very NWoBHM-influenced Thrash Metal, unique and absolutely lethal!!!

Splits like this have a very high value for me, as they unite the old veterans with the new underground hordes and destroy all the false comments by shitty posers, who a) claim that only "oldschool bands are the best" or b) think that old bands can't deliever it anymore... the true spirit is eternal and immortal and both bands demonstrate it brightly!!! (Especially that Hirax song is a total headbanger!!! A different version than the one, that got used on the album! Different (better) sound and solos (also better!))

Clear and black vinyl available... to be chosen randomly for each order!!!

***Brazil Import*** 



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