Deathsvn - The Day Will Soon Be Over EP

Deathsvn - The Day Will Soon Be Over EP

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Arghhhh "Deathsvn" seams to be like an underground-conspiracy of members, who are/were part of well-known bands (Metal Grave (R.I.P.) Axe Battler, Acero Letal, Procession, etc... just to name a few!) who joined forces to create this excellent & dark Heavy Metal Beast "Deathsvn"!!!

As this band mostly consists of (or actually is!) ex-Metal Grave-members, you can be very sure about, what to expect: High Class Heavy Metal! Highly influenced by "In Solitude", Deathsvn is a nice replacement for the black hole, which came up by the loss of "In Solitude" & "Metal Grave"!!!

Long story short: If "In Solitude and Metal Grave" had a bastard-son, thy name would be written "Deathsvn"!

Pro-done CD with nice Booklet.
3 songs in total with a running-time of 20 minutes.

*Highly recommended for Fans of "In Solitude, Metal Grave, etc...*

Take a listen here and you'll know what I mean...:

***Expensive CHILE Import***

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